Release Notes for 1.2.8

Front-Aligned Partition:

Partitions can now be aligned from the front. Separate shelves that are behind them can join to be a single construction.

Plain Panel Overlays:

Plain panels can now be overlayed to duplicate the look of a slab door

End Panel Wireframe Attributes: Fixed general end panel attributes not showing up in wireframes

Partition Notch Cuts: Fixed partition constructions that caused some operations to be flipped in orientation

Wireframe Show/Hide Holes and Grooves: Fixed processing and connectors to show/hide the appropriate wireframe elements

Wireframe Saves: Fixed behavior that did not save progress when making multiple wireframe saves in BOM and Design

Empty Partitions – Drawer Boxes: Empty partitions no longer limit drawer boxes

Top and Bottom Shelf Banding: Fixes frameless constructions that did not place edgebanding on full top and bottom shelves

Cabinet Parts Similar Parts: Parts of the same size but different operations now have different pages in the Cabinet Parts drawing

Multiple Catalog Design Options: Fixed behavior where design options do not apply to new catalogs

Release Notes for 1.2.7 

new Hinge Update from

Pre-loaded BLUM hinges and mounting plates:

Implemented pre-loaded list of BLUM CLIP and BLUM COMPACT hinges and mounting plates

Hinge Assignments Mounting Plates:

Hinge Assignments now host hinges as well as the separate paired mounting plates (where applicable)

Wireframe Warnings:

Wireframe constructions check hinge-mounting plates data sheets to verify if a pairing works with the associated door overlay. Warnings are created if it does not.

Hinge Hole Boring:

Hinge drilling is now present in CNC output for the cabinet parts as well as for the door constructions.

Diagonal Corner Cabinets Front Width:

Diagonal Corner Cabinets have a new front width dimension that allows for direct configuration of the cabinet’s front

Shelf Negative Adjustments:

Fixed programming that broke shelves when negatively adjusting them with certain joints

Reveal/Overlay Info Behavior: Fixed behavior that shuffled reveal/overlay info when splitting certain elements

Overlay Locks: Released locks on the overlay/reveal settings that affected paired doors

Material Sub-Groups: Users may now drag-and-drop a material group onto another to set as material sub-group

Cabinet Wireframe Warnings: Warnings are now presented directly within the cabinet wireframe menu

Door Report Width/Height: Door reports now show width and height parameters that are independent of the grain orientation

Improved Hole Rendering Efficiency: Holes now take less computational load to calculate, increasing wireframe menu efficiency

Release Notes for 1.2.6 

Beaded Panels CNC:

Beaded/Reeded doors can now be cut on the CNC

Panel-Door Construction:

End Panels can be converted into doors for applications like wainscot panels where a door panel covers the sides or back of a cabinet

Input Mathematics:

Mathematical expressions may now be used within input fields, allowing users to have CabBuilder act as an on-the-spot calculator


Design Print – Saved 3D View:

Users may now manually set the saved view to be used in the design’s print without having to edit it in the drawings module

Front Sections – Paired Doors Construction:

A front section opening may now be split into two equal, opposing, paired doors with a single click

Front Sections – Internal Element:

Select a front section separation and initialize an internal element behind it, making it simple to synergize the front divisions with the inside parts

Front Sections – Multiple Elements:

Users may now split front openings into a specified amount of equal-space elements

Inside Sections – Multiple Elements:

Users may now make inside elements in batch such that the space between them is equal

5-PC Door Construction Oversize: Stiles may now be oversized for 5-pc door cutlists

Fixed Shelves Frame Orientation: Fixed Shelves can be centered or offset relative to an overlapping mid-rail’s edges

Design Print: Templates: The print function’s used template may now be changed by the user

Cutlist Width/Length: Cutlist width and length coluns have been renamed for clarification

Labels After Job Done: All sheets are now marked with the job done marking when accessing the labels tab

Label Printing: Sheet ID number and material name are included in label printing

Release Notes for 1.2.5 

Shelf Negative Adjustment: Shelves can be “negatively” adjusted from the front in order to extend shelves past the cabinet front.

Cabinet Frame Part Resizing: Fixed frame part width adjustment behavior that kept the original size despite a change in the attribute

Autosave Wireframe Thumbnail Change: Fixed autosave restoration behavior that did not keep modified cabinets’ new thumbnails when changing them within the design module

Release Notes for 1.2.4 

Design Options:

NEW interface allows for design options to replace global options, enabling the choosing of any of the account’s global settings despite the catalogs used in a given design. Enable this mode through the Application Settings

Toe Kick Tops:

New toe kick top constructions allow for separate toe kick boxes to have a top. Enable these through the construction methods or in individual wireframes.

Wireframe Door/Drawer Front Editor:

Basic door and drawer front parameters, like rail/stile sizes and construction used, can be edited for individual panels within the wireframe editor.

Fixed Width/Height:

Front and Inside Section elements may now have a fixed width or height, excluding that space from changing with the overall cabinet dimensions

Front Sections Enable Mid-Rail or Mid-Stile:

Users can now enable or disable mid-rails and mid-stiles directly from within the front sections.

Face-Side Selection: New wireframe attribute allows to select a cabinet part’s (like a partition, shelf, stretcher, etc.) face-side, allowing users to potentially avoid sheet flipping when executing CNC cuts

Global Options Loading Circle: Fixed behavior that could induce a permanent loading circle when interacting with the global options warning message

Flipped-Side Sheet Logic Update: Updated flipped side operations eliminate unnecessary face-side operation offset for CNC’s that have built-in popup bumpers/rails

Finger Joint Adjustments: Updated box joint adjustments to affect the appropriate finger dimensions

Release Notes for 1.2.3 

Partition/Divider Toolpath Placement: Fixed positioning of partition/divider related joint operations

SCM Precision: Changed SCM CNC Mode precision to 2 significant figures for more consistent arc imports

Release Notes for 1.2.2 


New CNC Mode allows for CNC output to be compatible with SCM Maestro’s importing feature

Sink Elevation View:

Fixed under-mount, top-mount, and apron sink representations in elevation views

Document Zoom In/Out: Fixed zoom in/out behavior while viewing reports

Blind Corner Cabinets: Fixed blind corner cabinets layout that switched the names between the left and right sides

Negative Reveals: Door/Drawer front reveals can now go into the negatives, allowing panels to be extended past their allocated spaces

Material Assignment: Subside – Subside material assignment fixed

Release Notes for 1.2.1 


Common Database:

It is possible to have multiple users operate on the same database of designs, global options, machines, tools, and optimization materials


Multiple Roles:

Three license roles are introduced: admin for general-purpose access-all needs, designer for design-specific uses, and CNC for machining-related actions


Door Hinge Notation: 

Elevation views use door hinge notation in addition to knob placement to signify how doors open


Empty Shelf Hole Boring:

Empty shelves can now act as boundaries for adjustable shelf line boring

Data Locks & Edit Messages:

Automatic and manual data locks ensure that no conflicting edits are made by two separate accounts. Messages will keep other users informed of possible changes made in global options

Unlock Request:

Enterprise users may request other users log out to prevent accidental lock status maintained by AFK or idle users, automatically logging them out and releasing locks if there is no response

Various UI Fixes: Various UI Fixes – Fixed places in the user interface such as when text would be clipped or hidden from view or when controls belong

Room Shapes Fix: Fixed specific situations where the user cannot drag a room shape into the design

Saved Furniture Items: Fixed a bug that caused furniture items to disappear when loading in some designs

Narrow 5PC Door Frame Part: Making door frame parts shorter than they are narrow will no longer glitch the piece

Refrigerator Cabinet Shoe Molding: Fridge cabinets are now exempt from the toe kick holding algorithm

Create Finish and Collection Fix: “Create” button has been greyed out when actively creating the selection, preventing accidental doubles

Pricing Table Records: Fixed behavior of some part-specific table records

Fixed Pricing Change: Fixed a bug that caused fixed pricing schemes to revert to calculated pricing

Prokitchen-Integrated Door Constructions: Custom door constructions now function within published catalog renderings within Prokitchen

Print Design Name Field: The design name field will now be automatically filled in when printing the design

Elevation View Net Selection: Fixed net selection behavior that causes cabinets from other elevation views to be selected

Board Foot Used Calculation Fix: New bd-ft calculations fix the hardwood material used estimate

Plain Panel Boundaries: Plain panels are no longer limited by internal elements that do not overlap it

Nailer Width Save: Overridden nailer widths are kept after saving wireframe constructions

Customer Report Settings Overrides: Design-specific customer report overrides are saved in the file save instead of going back to the catalog setting defaults

Slab Door Style Material Report: Non-construction slab door styles are now included in the material report

Paired Doors: Users may now toggle between paired and unpaired doors when two opposing doors meet in the middle. This will toggle the mid-stile and paired gap on and off.

Top and Undermount Sink Views: Elevation views will now display sinks mounted inside the cabinets as behind the cabinets’ fronts

Wireframe Accessories: Non-cabinet accessories can be hidden from view within wireframes

Side Scribe Attribute: Implemented scribe attribute within cabinet side wireframes

Slider-Value Relationship: Fixed a bug where some sliders in the design module were disconnected from the displayed numerical value

Non-Standard Door Type Reporting: Fixed behavior that would keep side applied doors and false door sides from relevant reports like the cabinet’s assembly

Release Notes for 1.2.0 

Door Module

Create Custom Door Constructions:

Edit doors and drawer fronts in multiple manufacturing techniques, shapes, and criteria


Generate Door CNC Code:

Convert door constructions and designs straight to machine code to be executed on CNC routers

Create Door Rail Shapes:

Create rail shapes from standard geometries and parameters or create them from custom shapes


Door Panel/Edge Profiles:

Apply custom panel and edge profiles from either custom shapes or tool groups

Door Renderings:

Door constructions are rendered in design views, giving users a clear representation of the end product


Door Cutlists:

Reports will now generate the sizes of individual door panel, stiles, and rails

Additional Release Notes for 1.2.0

Default Elevation:

Design module grid attributes now have a default up/down parameter for different object types, saving the user from editing the elevation of every wall cabinet 


Wireframe Door/Drawer Front Size:

Front sections attributes now also show the sizes of the doors and drawer fronts they represent, giving users a quicker way to access that information for cabinet editing

Closed Toe Framed Cabinet Side: Fixed geometry of full side panels that would miss an endpoint under framed construction methods

Shape Editor Snapping Behavior: Shape editor’s snap-to-grid and snap-to-line behaviors updated for smoother editing

Elevation View Bar Pulls: Fixed bar pull representation in elevation view that would distort cabinet elevation rendering

Countertop/Backsplash/User Shape Add To Drawings: The shape editor can now save the shape and its annotations to the drawing collection. This allows for them to be used in custom design annotations and countertop/backsplash orders

Pricing update: Fixed bug that would suppress calculated prices for cabinets initialized after the global options were chosen

Roll Out Shelf Report Information: Rollouts are now included within their own category in relevant reports like the drawer box list and drawer box cut list

Elevation Copy/Paste: Copying and pasting within elevation views will no longer send certain items to the other side of the wall

User Shape Match Catalog Finish: User shapes can adopt finishes that have been chosen for catalogs present within the design

Multiple Catalog Version Changes: Amended bug that kept users from editing a catalog’s version multiple times in one session

Sheet Exclusion From View: Fixed disabling within the print submodule that would keep excluded sheets in the view

Open-Shelf Elevation View: Framed open-shelf cabinets now display the exposed shelves in elevation views

Applied/False Door Sides Report Information: Applied and false door sides are now included within their own category in relevant reports

Release Notes for 1.1.19:

Backsplash Editor:

You can now edit the perimeter of a backsplash/wall user shape to mold them around surrounding objects


Countertop Editor:

New shape editor unlocks changing of countertop/floor user shape outlines to match the required spec

Construction Method Reset to Default: Fixed certain situations where a construction style override would reset to the default

Wall/Floor User Shape Default: Wall and floor shapes now follow the default textures set in room settings even after the texture setting is changed

CabBuilder Catalog Template Moldings: The catalog template will no longer clutter the catalog selection when applying moldings

Default Legs Wireframe Visibility: Fixed behaviour that causes demo legs to disappear when editing cabinet in wireframe mode

Door/Window Center on Wall: Doors and windows will now center in the middle of a wall when instructed to do so

Catalog Deletion Clarification: Implemented a message before deleting catalog that indicates old cabinet designs will no longer be able to be opened if the deletion proceeds

Zone Click Behavior: You can click on a room zone in the design module to access the zone’s settings (on/off and depth) and elevation view button

Main Cloud Folder Renaming: Disabled renaming for the main “CabBuilder” folder that would hide all subfolders from view

Cutlist Nesting Freeze: Fixed a very specific setup where nesting the cutlist froze optimization

Add Shelf Nailer Behavior: Made add shelf nailer behaviour add a nailer independent of the shelf’s width

Release Notes for 1.1.18:

Drawer Box-Interior Size Limitations:

Interior elements like partitions and drawer stretchers now limit the drawer box even when not aligned with the front element’s borders


SBA Cabinet Plain Panel: Replaced open front element with plain panel in wireframe construction

Rollout Tray Cabinet Warning: Fixed cabinet warning attached to rollout trays

Scroll Bar Fixes: Added scroll bar to BOM menu and fixed some cut-off buttons while scrolling through other places

Design Settings Name Change: The design’s name can now be changed in design settings as well

Drawer Box Rabbet Dado Fix: Fixed rabbet dado joint between drawer box sides and front/back that caused a mismatch between tenon and groove orientation

Drawer Box Finger Joints: Fixed box joint between drawer box sides and front/back that resulted in fingers getting applied to only one part

BOM Table Units: The bill of materials table now follows unit changes set in application settings

Elevation View Fixes: Updated elevation views show some items that would previously not appear in specific elevation view setups

Combining Walls Of Two Rooms: Fixed bug causing infinite loop when combining the walls of two separate rooms

ShopBot CNC Code Fix: Eliminated redundant feed commands for ShopBot output that might cause jitters in the machine

Release Notes for 1.1.17:

Corner Correction Switch:

New construction parameters allow some joints (like rabbets and dados) to enable or disable corner correction toolpaths


Label Printing Setup:

Label layouts now indicate edgebanded sides and dimensions. Layouts and labels can now be printed separately. 

Wireframe Resource Optimization: Increased efficiency of wireframe renders while in low-power mode

Nesting Shape Improvements: Improved allocated space when nesting certain part shapes

Drawer Box Save Fix: Fixed save timing – some cabinets with new drawer boxes did not retain changes after saving and exiting the menu

Corner Arc Toolpath Correction: Fixed corner arcing for situations where the tenon is smaller than half the diameter’s toolbit

Plan View Filler: Wall filler pieces now appear on top of base cabinets

Extended Stile Plan View: Extended stiles now have a design view representation, allowing collision response to interact with them

Release Notes for 1.1.16:

End Panels:

End Panels now have a wireframe/cutlist construction, as well as associated construction options


Low Power Wireframe Mode:

Wireframe mode now can include or exclude holes and connectors in the render, improving menu speed with relatively low-power devices

Framed Wireframe Opening Size Control:

Framed cabinet wireframe front sections can now be controlled by the opening size, rather than the space allocated for the drawer front/door


Cutlist Optimization Filter:

Cutlists can now filter parts scheduled for optimization by using the optimize variable checkboxes

Toe Kick Molding Fix: Enhanced toe kick molding algorithm behavior

Door/Drawer Front Grain Direction: Slab Door and Drawer Fronts now have preferred grain direction assigned by the chosen construction option

Catalog Product Deletion: Delete multiple products in the catalog menu by “ctrl”-clicking multiple cabinets

Bill Of Material Units: BOM menu now has a dedicated unit/precision preference in the application settings

Sherwin-Williams Selection Improvement: Selected Sherwin-Williams finish shows bigger view before locking in

Welcome Screen: Improved behavior when 0 design thumbnails are shown

Cabinet Warnings: Fixed extraneous cabinet warnings showing in cultist module that come from previous products and changed frame part checks to nominal thicknesses

Save Screen Enhancement: New save screen behavior prevents interruptions in saving/loading processes

Frame-Case Part Dado Joint Fix: Fixed niche dado length adjustment application for dados that span several parts

Rollout Tray Table Record: New pricing table record entry made for Rollout Trays

Wireframe Size Overload Fix: Fixed error originating from typing a size too big for a front section element

Countertop Application Behavior: Fixed countertop behaviour affecting its limits when cabinets are placed in wall back zone

Elevation View Enhancement: Fixed elevation view when shifting cabinets in and out of active zones

Release Notes for 1.1.15:

Nominal Material Thickness:

Nominal thickness added to materials for construction method verifications


Drill Depth Compensation: New parameter allows drill bits to drill extra deep and compensate for their irregular tips

CNC Validation Warnings: Implemented more user-friendly validation warnings when optimizing cultists for CNC

Design Module View Fixes: Improved design module elevation view behavior

Squaring Cut Cleanup: Squaring cut operations cut the last tab of material left at the edge of the sheet

Drill Depth Compensation: New parameter allows drill bits to drill extra deep and compensate for their irregular tips

Mid-Rail Segments Unify: Mid-rails will automatically join into one once the mid-stile separating them is removed from construction

Floating Shelf Construction: Fixed floating shelves constructions for consistency

Release Notes for 1.1.13:

New Dado and Rabbet Behaviour:

New joint parameters allow dados to extend past the length of the tenon, clearing ambiguities and enabling certain assembly methods


Front Toe Kick Disabling:

New parameter allows front toe kick parts to be excluded from construction

Zoom Behavior Improvements: Zoom functionality fixed for certain room shapes

Front Sections: Certain elements like nailers are now hidden from front sections for a cleaner interface

Construction Line Actions Fixed: Position attributes and movement fixed for cabinets snapped to construction lines

Drawer Box Parts Material Override: Wireframe can now change drawer box part materials

Global Option Speed Fix: Enhanced global option speed when creating new catalogs

Release Notes for 1.1.12:

Save Design New Behavior: Improved save design menus and behavior

Pocket Operations Behaviour Improvement: Angled pocket operations and general efficiency improved

Biesse Mode Improvements: Toolpath behavior fixed and worklist files created for each material used while nesting

Zund Mode: New mode created for Zund Cut Center machines, enabling ZCC users to use CabBuilder nesting output

Elevation View Cabinet Placement: Fixed anomalous results when dropping cabinets in elevation view

Release Notes for 1.1.11:

Unplaced Parts Fix: Behaviour where some nested parts are left in unplaced bin is fixed

Adjustable Shelf Hole Order: Fixed adjustable shelf hole order that was confusing some machines’ outputs

Autosave Behavior: Autosaves will no longer happen on empty designs

Biesse Mode Drilling: Fixed “.cix” drill code to include optimizable flag, making drilling more efficient

Release Notes for 1.1.9:

Corner Cabinets Second Width: A secondary width is added for corner cabinets because they have two fronts

Design Folder Organization:

Organize your saved files in folders and subfolders

Release Notes for 1.1.8:

Elevation View Labels: Cabinets’ labels now appear in the elevation view

Room Settings Search Bar: Search for the appropriate texture in room settings with the search field

Countertop/Backsplash Positioning: Use Up/Down and Left/Right positions to calibrate countertops and backsplashes positions

Countertop Overhangs:

Apply countertops with specified front, back, and side overhangs

Construction Line – Cabinet Dimensions:

Hover mouse inside a construction line’s zone to show dimension to perimeter cabinets

Release Notes for 1.1.7:

4PC/5PC Drawer Preference: Set drawer box preference in cabinet construction methods

Drawer Box Construction Overrides: Tweak construction options between drawer box types

Countertop/Backsplash/Shape Glossiness: Countertops, backsplashes, and user shapes may change glossiness in attributes

Auto Save:

Enable autosave functionality and specify intervals. Designs can be re-loaded should the session be interrupted and lost. 

Release Notes for 1.1.6:

Biesse Mode: New tools/machine mode for Solid users can be enabled in application settings.

Added Internal Stile: 

New inside section element allows for drawer runner offset in the case of internal rollout drawer boxes and trays.

Release Notes for 1.1.5:

Cabinet Frame Assembly: New drawing document template creates diagrams of active cabinets’ frame dimensions.

Release Notes for 1.1.3:

Countertop Texture Change: Individual countertop pieces can now change their texture within the attributes tab.

Backsplash Texture Change: Individual backsplash pieces can now change their texture within the attributes tab.

Countertop Overhang Edit: Countertops can now be manually changed in size under the attributes tab.

Door/Window Frames: Door and Window Frames are now available as design objects.

User Shape: Users may now create a custom object and assign it a selected texture.

Confirmat Screws: New connector type may be used by connection methods.

Increment Drawer Box Dimensions: New way to define discrete height/depth list under drawer box construction methods.

Shelf Pin Line Boring:

New construction method can be used to create a universal set of holes for multiple adjustable shelves in an opening.

Hoods and Floating Shelves:

Hoods(Wall/Range Hoods) and Floating shelves(Decorative Accents/Floating Shelf) have been added to the template catalog. 

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