Release Notes for 1.1.19:

Backsplash Editor:

You can now edit the perimeter of a backsplash/wall user shape to mold them around surrounding objects


Countertop Editor:

New shape editor unlocks changing of countertop/floor user shape outlines to match the required spec

Construction Method Reset to Default: Fixed certain situations where a construction style override would reset to the default

Wall/Floor User Shape Default: Wall and floor shapes now follow the default textures set in room settings even after the texture setting is changed

CabBuilder Catalog Template Moldings: The catalog template will no longer clutter the catalog selection when applying moldings

Default Legs Wireframe Visibility: Fixed behaviour that causes demo legs to disappear when editing cabinet in wireframe mode

Door/Window Center on Wall: Doors and windows will now center in the middle of a wall when instructed to do so

Catalog Deletion Clarification: Implemented a message before deleting catalog that indicates old cabinet designs will no longer be able to be opened if the deletion proceeds

Zone Click Behavior: You can click on a room zone in the design module to access the zone’s settings (on/off and depth) and elevation view button

Main Cloud Folder Renaming: Disabled renaming for the main “CabBuilder” folder that would hide all subfolders from view

Cutlist Nesting Freeze: Fixed a very specific setup where nesting the cutlist froze optimization

Add Shelf Nailer Behavior: Made add shelf nailer behaviour add a nailer independent of the shelf’s width

Release Notes for 1.1.18:

Drawer Box-Interior Size Limitations:

Interior elements like partitions and drawer stretchers now limit the drawer box even when not aligned with the front element’s borders


SBA Cabinet Plain Panel: Replaced open front element with plain panel in wireframe construction

Rollout Tray Cabinet Warning: Fixed cabinet warning attached to rollout trays

Scroll Bar Fixes: Added scroll bar to BOM menu and fixed some cut-off buttons while scrolling through other places

Design Settings Name Change: The design’s name can now be changed in design settings as well

Drawer Box Rabbet Dado Fix: Fixed rabbet dado joint between drawer box sides and front/back that caused a mismatch between tenon and groove orientation

Drawer Box Finger Joints: Fixed box joint between drawer box sides and front/back that resulted in fingers getting applied to only one part

BOM Table Units: The bill of materials table now follows unit changes set in application settings

Elevation View Fixes: Updated elevation views show some items that would previously not appear in specific elevation view setups

Combining Walls Of Two Rooms: Fixed bug causing infinite loop when combining the walls of two separate rooms

ShopBot CNC Code Fix: Eliminated redundant feed commands for ShopBot output that might cause jitters in the machine

Release Notes for 1.1.17:

Corner Correction Switch:

New construction parameters allow some joints (like rabbets and dados) to enable or disable corner correction toolpaths


Label Printing Setup:

Label layouts now indicate edgebanded sides and dimensions. Layouts and labels can now be printed separately. 

Wireframe Resource Optimization: Increased efficiency of wireframe renders while in low-power mode

Nesting Shape Improvements: Improved allocated space when nesting certain part shapes

Drawer Box Save Fix: Fixed save timing – some cabinets with new drawer boxes did not retain changes after saving and exiting the menu

Corner Arc Toolpath Correction: Fixed corner arcing for situations where the tenon is smaller than half the diameter’s toolbit

Plan View Filler: Wall filler pieces now appear on top of base cabinets

Extended Stile Plan View: Extended stiles now have a design view representation, allowing collision response to interact with them

Release Notes for 1.1.16:

End Panels:

End Panels now have a wireframe/cutlist construction, as well as associated construction options


Low Power Wireframe Mode:

Wireframe mode now can include or exclude holes and connectors in the render, improving menu speed with relatively low-power devices

Framed Wireframe Opening Size Control:

Framed cabinet wireframe front sections can now be controlled by the opening size, rather than the space allocated for the drawer front/door


Cutlist Optimization Filter:

Cutlists can now filter parts scheduled for optimization by using the optimize variable checkboxes

Toe Kick Molding Fix: Enhanced toe kick molding algorithm behavior

Door/Drawer Front Grain Direction: Slab Door and Drawer Fronts now have preferred grain direction assigned by the chosen construction option

Catalog Product Deletion: Delete multiple products in the catalog menu by “ctrl”-clicking multiple cabinets

Bill Of Material Units: BOM menu now has a dedicated unit/precision preference in the application settings

Sherwin-Williams Selection Improvement: Selected Sherwin-Williams finish shows bigger view before locking in

Welcome Screen: Improved behavior when 0 design thumbnails are shown

Cabinet Warnings: Fixed extraneous cabinet warnings showing in cultist module that come from previous products and changed frame part checks to nominal thicknesses

Save Screen Enhancement: New save screen behavior prevents interruptions in saving/loading processes

Frame-Case Part Dado Joint Fix: Fixed niche dado length adjustment application for dados that span several parts

Rollout Tray Table Record: New pricing table record entry made for Rollout Trays

Wireframe Size Overload Fix: Fixed error originating from typing a size too big for a front section element

Countertop Application Behavior: Fixed countertop behaviour affecting its limits when cabinets are placed in wall back zone

Elevation View Enhancement: Fixed elevation view when shifting cabinets in and out of active zones

Release Notes for 1.1.15:

Nominal Material Thickness:

Nominal thickness added to materials for construction method verifications


Drill Depth Compensation: New parameter allows drill bits to drill extra deep and compensate for their irregular tips

CNC Validation Warnings: Implemented more user-friendly validation warnings when optimizing cultists for CNC

Design Module View Fixes: Improved design module elevation view behavior

Squaring Cut Cleanup: Squaring cut operations cut the last tab of material left at the edge of the sheet

Drill Depth Compensation: New parameter allows drill bits to drill extra deep and compensate for their irregular tips

Mid-Rail Segments Unify: Mid-rails will automatically join into one once the mid-stile separating them is removed from construction

Floating Shelf Construction: Fixed floating shelves constructions for consistency

Release Notes for 1.1.13:

New Dado and Rabbet Behaviour:

New joint parameters allow dados to extend past the length of the tenon, clearing ambiguities and enabling certain assembly methods


Front Toe Kick Disabling:

New parameter allows front toe kick parts to be excluded from construction

Zoom Behavior Improvements: Zoom functionality fixed for certain room shapes

Front Sections: Certain elements like nailers are now hidden from front sections for a cleaner interface

Construction Line Actions Fixed: Position attributes and movement fixed for cabinets snapped to construction lines

Drawer Box Parts Material Override: Wireframe can now change drawer box part materials

Global Option Speed Fix: Enhanced global option speed when creating new catalogs

Release Notes for 1.1.12:

Save Design New Behavior: Improved save design menus and behavior

Pocket Operations Behaviour Improvement: Angled pocket operations and general efficiency improved

Biesse Mode Improvements: Toolpath behavior fixed and worklist files created for each material used while nesting

Zund Mode: New mode created for Zund Cut Center machines, enabling ZCC users to use CabBuilder nesting output

Elevation View Cabinet Placement: Fixed anomalous results when dropping cabinets in elevation view

Release Notes for 1.1.11:

Unplaced Parts Fix: Behaviour where some nested parts are left in unplaced bin is fixed

Adjustable Shelf Hole Order: Fixed adjustable shelf hole order that was confusing some machines’ outputs

Autosave Behavior: Autosaves will no longer happen on empty designs

Biesse Mode Drilling: Fixed “.cix” drill code to include optimizable flag, making drilling more efficient

Release Notes for 1.1.9:

Corner Cabinets Second Width: A secondary width is added for corner cabinets because they have two fronts

Design Folder Organization:

Organize your saved files in folders and subfolders

Release Notes for 1.1.8:

Elevation View Labels: Cabinets’ labels now appear in the elevation view

Room Settings Search Bar: Search for the appropriate texture in room settings with the search field

Countertop/Backsplash Positioning: Use Up/Down and Left/Right positions to calibrate countertops and backsplashes positions

Countertop Overhangs:

Apply countertops with specified front, back, and side overhangs

Construction Line – Cabinet Dimensions:

Hover mouse inside a construction line’s zone to show dimension to perimeter cabinets

Release Notes for 1.1.7:

4PC/5PC Drawer Preference: Set drawer box preference in cabinet construction methods

Drawer Box Construction Overrides: Tweak construction options between drawer box types

Countertop/Backsplash/Shape Glossiness: Countertops, backsplashes, and user shapes may change glossiness in attributes

Auto Save:

Enable autosave functionality and specify intervals. Designs can be re-loaded should the session be interrupted and lost. 

Release Notes for 1.1.6:

Biesse Mode: New tools/machine mode for Solid users can be enabled in application settings.

Added Internal Stile: 

New inside section element allows for drawer runner offset in the case of internal rollout drawer boxes and trays.

Release Notes for 1.1.5:

Cabinet Frame Assembly: New drawing document template creates diagrams of active cabinets’ frame dimensions.

Release Notes for 1.1.3:

Countertop Texture Change: Individual countertop pieces can now change their texture within the attributes tab.

Backsplash Texture Change: Individual backsplash pieces can now change their texture within the attributes tab.

Countertop Overhang Edit: Countertops can now be manually changed in size under the attributes tab.

Door/Window Frames: Door and Window Frames are now available as design objects.

User Shape: Users may now create a custom object and assign it a selected texture.

Confirmat Screws: New connector type may be used by connection methods.

Increment Drawer Box Dimensions: New way to define discrete height/depth list under drawer box construction methods.

Shelf Pin Line Boring:

New construction method can be used to create a universal set of holes for multiple adjustable shelves in an opening.

Hoods and Floating Shelves:

Hoods(Wall/Range Hoods) and Floating shelves(Decorative Accents/Floating Shelf) have been added to the template catalog.