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The only direct to CNC cabinet manufacturing software that is integrated with ProKitchen, giving you access to thousands of designers to market your custom cabinetry!

Working with CNC Manufacturers


Turn ideas into reality with CabBuilder’s innovative software for cabinet production.


Create and manage your custom cabinetry libraries. Create lists of fully customized cabinetry products – every detail is covered!

View and work on projects using CabBuilder’s dynamic design tool. CabBuilder features a real-time 3D design rendering window giving you instant visual feedback as you edit your project.

Generate full cutlists and comprehensive reports. CabBuilder produces comprehensive cutlists and detailed documentation directly from your designs. Our software makes pricing and other high-level manufacturing decisions easier than ever.

CabBuilder CNC

Convert drawings to machine program codes in seconds. CabBuilder uses a design and nests its cutlist to generate your CNC’s required codes with just a few clicks. Start manufacturing your cabinets without fuss or delay.

Simulate and manage cutting jobs with ease. Our software simulates the generated toolpaths to give you a full picture of how your machine will act. CabBuilder also features a cut job management system where you can keep track of your project and material remains.

Collaborate with Designers in ProKitchen

Access thousands of ProKitchen designers and dealers. Publish your cabinet libraries to thousands of ProKitchen users quickly and easily. These designers use your custom cabinetry in their ProKitchen projects helping to sell your cabinetry and grow your business.

Import the ProKitchen designers’ projects directly back into CabBuilder. Convert approved projects from ProKitchen design files directly into CabBuilder to finish the project – making your job so much easier!

CabBuilder at Your Fingertips

CabBuilder is cloud-based and fully portable. Streamline the design, pricing and manufacturing of custom cabinetry – CabBuilder can run on any device with a web browser including PC’s and MACs.

Extensive Drafts & Reports

Cabbuilder’s report center accesses various reports including cutlist reports, cost reports and production reports. CabBuilder also creates drafts for your entire project down to every element of your cabinet construction.

Easy Cost Estimates

Enter material and construction costs, including upcharges and premiums for specialty designs, into CabBuilder’s database for accurate cost and labor estimates for every cabinet and job.

Visualize your design

Use photo-realistic 3D rendering to design kitchens and other interior spaces for your customers. Showcase your designs with modern appliances and various lighting fixtures with the click of a button.

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